Pose S.A is a private company located in Argentina dedicated to the construction of works of architecture, roadworks, civil works, hydraulic, railway, signaling, electrical works, construction of water and sanitations. It is formed by professionals with great experience in the field of construction. It works in both the public sector and the private.  Market share: Top 30 in Argentinian construction market (over approx.4,500 companies in all the country) and Top 10 in Buenos Aires construction market. Total Employees: 845.  Annual net sales 1,300 Millons ARS in fiscal year 2017. Employees 845.  Production capacity & machinery: more than 200 units of equipment between Equipment for Floor Movements, Equipment for Pavements, Trucks, Asphalt and Concrete Plants, and Railway Equipment, Electrical Equipment, among others.  Capacity Building Register: more than 2.5 billion ARS  We have the ability to solve highly complex technological and engineering problems with customized solutions.  Focus on professionalism as conduct along with permanent innovation and growth policies with a long-term vision and based on the reinvestment of profits, which allows maintaining a solid patrimonial and financial situation with low level of indebtedness.


Our vision is to be the leading construction company in the country with presence in the international market.


Provide our customers with satisfaction and professionalism through continuous innovation in the construction fields, considering that the professionalization of our Human Resources is the fundamental basis.

Ethics and Compliance

Provide open and honest communication with all customers, suppliers and staff members. Integrated internal control (Company level controls), risk management and compliance (normative system and Code of ethics).


Professionalism, commitment and determination

Focus on safety and working conditions.

Environment Care

Excellence and development of human resources

Value creation for our shareholders

Management Planning