Main Projects


  • LMT 33 KV Gral Belgrano Casalins LMT 13.2KV Casalins -Udaquiola ET 33 / 13.2 Kv Casalins,  where a Transformation  Post of 13.2 / 0.4KV was installed in Casalins and Connections for the BUENOS AIRES MINISTRY OF

    Aerial Lines 33 KV Reconnection and sectionalization Post, where  in a turnkey Project of 45 km of Aerial Line was developed and the construction of Switching station , Reconnection Post and ET Gualeguay works for ENERGIA DE ENTRE RIOS
    – ENERSA;

    Construction of  Trunk electricity transmission lines – Business Unit Neuquen Gas Arielo, Neuquen Province,  for which it was developed Engineering work and Turnkey Construction  Project of 60 km aerial lines of 13.2kV ​​placed in Vaca Muerta Shale for YPF S.A .;

    Maintenance  Works  and  Electrical Assembly of low-voltage electric installations. In U.E. Rincon De Los Sauces -West Regional Division  of  Neuquen  and Mendoza Provinces,  was set  Clable routing –Change power Poles- Repair of electrical conductors –  Connections  of new power lines- Maintenance SET Protections for third parties with YPF SA as final customer;

    Maintenance of  High-voltage electric lines in Huantraic and Loma Negra Site of  Petrolera San Jorge Company for CHEVRON SAN JORGE S.A .

    Triple tern interconnection S.E. Azopardo 220/132 kV – S.E. Independence and XLPE Underground Cable 2X132KV: Engineering, Construction, Assembly and implementation of XLPE Underground Cable 2X132 kV for EDESUR S.A;

    Interconnection S.E. Zappalorto 220/132 kV – S.E. Merlo and XLPE Underground Cable 2X132KV: Engineering, construction, assembly and implementation of XLPE Underground Cable 2X132 kV for EDENOR S.A.

    Construction and assembly of triple 132 kV. Construction with Dry Cable structure between S.E. Mar del Plata and S.E. Route #- 2 – (urban Km) for EDEA SA;

    Interconnection with Brazil – L.E.A.T. 500 kV. Rincón de Santamarla – Garabi: Laying of 130 Km. Of fIgGg – Steel Cable and O.P.G.W for ABB S.A .;

    Transportation by Trunk Distribution: Operation and Maintenance of Transportation Facilities by Trunk Distribution 480 Km. From L.A.T. And 8 Substations of 132 Kv for EPEN S.A .;

    Aerial lines MT and AT: Construction, Distribution and Maintenance of  MT and AT Aireal Lines  for EDEM S.A. (Energy Distribuitor Company in Mendoza Province);

    Line 33 KV E.T. Concepcion del Uruguay– Laying of 33KV electricity Line San Jose, for EDEER S.A .;

    Line 33 KV E.T. San Salvador- Laying of 33KV electricity Line Villa Clara, for EDEER S.A


  • Turnkey Contract SE Perito Moreno switch power supply to SE Alberdi, where Engineering, Civil Works and Assembly of 2 fields of 132kV were developed for SE ALBERDI with final customer EDESUR – ENELExtension in 132KV SANTA CRUZ NORTE – CALETA OLIVIA Santa Cruz.In the ET Olavarria 500 / 132kv extension, Civil Works, Electromechanical Assembly,
    Provision of complementary materials, tests and implementations were included

    SET of distribution of Shale Oil  – Business Unit Neuquen Gas – Ariel °, Neuquen Province for which it was developed Engineering and Construction of Transformation Station, Reclosers and Sectioning  in Vaca Muerta Shale for
    YPF SA;

    SE 076 BANFIELD: Turnkey contract of SE 076 BANFIELD 2 x 40 MVA 132 / 13.2 KV for EDESUR S.A .;

    Substations 132 KV Loma de la Lata:  Expansion of 132KV Substations Loma de la Lata (Neuquen Province) for SIEMENS S.A .;

    Chocon Substation:  Change of 45 active parts of 132KV disconnectors for EPEN S.A. (Provincial Energy Company of Neuquen Province);


  • Solar Parks Canada Honda, Chimbera I and Chimbera II where the team were in charge of the Construction of a Photovoltaic Park in San Juan Province as a turnkey modality for those who took out the Engineering, Supplies and Construction for a total of 7 MW, for GENERACION EOLICA SA (San Juan Province);Electrical Installation and Complementary of the New Topping C Desalination La Plata (Buenos Aires Province) in which it was set the Assembly of Transformer and cabling of alimentation Iinstallation for new Topping C Desalinator in YPF SA  (La Plata Refinery)Energy Generator Room Modification – Cerro Divisadero:
    Modification of Energy Generator Room and assembly of new YpF´s Pumping Station Generators in Cerro Divisadero, Mendoza Province;

    Assembly and Start-up of 7 Banks of Capacitive Compensation in Shunt connection of 45 MVA in Rods of 132 kV:  The Engineering, Installation and implementation was carried out in Rosario Este, Romang,( Santa Fe Province) Resistencia  (Chaco Province) , Paso de la Patria (Corrientes Province ), Santo Tome, (Santa Fe Province), Olavarría and Bahia Blanca (Bs. As.Province)

    Auto Transformer of 500/132 kV 300 MVA – Lines in 132 kV: Provision and commissioning of Auto Transformer of 500/132 kV 300 MVA and Construction of Exit Line field  in 132 KV in ET Santo Tome, located in Santo Tome (Santa Fe Province)
    for ABB SA;

    Reserve Transformer of 500/132/33kV 150/150/50MVA where the  Engineering ,  Installation, Assembly and Start-up of Power Transformer was carried out  in Romang, (Santa Fe Province) and Campana (Bs As Province) , for TRANSENER SA;